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In the last months or years, every single power point I see, with a decent design and look, includes pictures that have been "reflected" vertically, as if they where in the top of a reflecting table or so... it´s the so-called "web 2.0 reflection". Just like this one:


This kind of effect can be easily done with Photoshop or whatever, just reflecting the image and aplying a distort and a gradient mask, but hey! those 5 minutes per image are priceless! So I decided to make a small app that allows you to create this kind of effect in 5 seconds.

Probably there´s already something similar out there (see below), but I do it just for fun and to practice some new things I´m explaining below. I will upload the source code here or at TheCodeProject, so you all can check how it´s done.


*Automatic reflection using a reflection polygon to specify the shape of the form to reflect
*Automatic reflection distortion
*Automatic alpha gradient with different gradient modes
*Image resizing and re-locating
*Post-processing effects for reflection: Blur, Alpha Texture, ...
*Supports following formats: BMP, JPEG, TGA, PNG, DDS, DIB, HDR, PPM, PFM

Technical info:

Developed in Visual Studio 2010
All the maths and graphics done with XNA
Shows integration between XNA and Windows Forms

An example:

1.- Take the original picture:


2.- If necessary, relocate and autoscale image, to make room for reflection (this step is optional)


3.- Place the reflection line in its base position


4.- Create the division points inside the reflection line


5.- Move the division points to follow the shape of the object to be reflected (or create new ones if necessary)


6.- Adjust alpha gradient and blur to reach the desired reflection looking


7.- Adjust the background color to your preference (if image is transparent) et voilá! The next picture shows the original image (1) and the processed one (2):


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